„No, I do not want to be your housekeeper!“ Or: Online Dating Is Persiflage


As a single-woman I have my experience with online-dating. It is not that bad, if you do not expect much. But if you are a woman with too many kilos on your hips, even in Internet life you will encounter the stereotyped thinking of people. The categories you can click on your dating profile are: slim, normal, chubby, a few kilos too much and overweight. If someone were used to have more kilos for his whole lifetime he or she would describe his shape differently than someone who is slim and never has been what he or she might call „fat“.


The consequence is that over-size people have to bear more bad communication and bad behaviour when trying to find a partner via the Internet. It is easy to bash people on Facebook, to choose possible partners like shopping in an online-shop when you are sitting comfortably in your…

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