Here’s How Guitar Players Meet More Women

Always Looking for You

by Jackie Potts

Your suspicion that women dig guys with guitars is correct. Behold the scientific proof …

Dudes carrying guitar cases collected more women’s phone numbers and set up more dates than regular Joes, according to a real-life, street-corner dating study of twentysomethings.

And it gets better: The guy never even has to play the guitar.

Here’s how the experiment went down: Researchers told a 20-year-old guy to approach 300 women, ages 18 to 22, in a busy French shopping district. In all cases, the guy used the same “script.” He introduced himself, complimented the woman, asked for her phone number and invited her to meet for a drink later.

The only difference in each encounter was his accessory. He was either empty-handed, carrying a sports bag, or holding a guitar case.

Nearly one third of the women, 31 percent, handed their phone numbers over when he was holding the guitar case. A not-too-shabby…

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Dating Tips for Men

The Psyber Fox

— article courtesy of – good advice to all guys…

Learning a new skill takes patience and works best if you break it down to its core components, argues Page Dr NerdLove blogger, Harris O’Malley for The Good Men Project. Similarly, dating can be confusing since we tend to get distracted by the details rather than the key ideas that’ll ensure a better shot at success.

O’Malley gives a few useful points on what you should avoid and where you should focus your attention instead in order to improve your dating chances:

1. Stop overanalysing

When it comes to tackling a challenge, we’re our own worst enemies. The key is to avoid making things more complicated than they are already.

“This is never more clear than when you see someone playing ‘Does she like me or not?'” writes O’Malley, as he explains that men start looking for the…

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„No, I do not want to be your housekeeper!“ Or: Online Dating Is Persiflage


As a single-woman I have my experience with online-dating. It is not that bad, if you do not expect much. But if you are a woman with too many kilos on your hips, even in Internet life you will encounter the stereotyped thinking of people. The categories you can click on your dating profile are: slim, normal, chubby, a few kilos too much and overweight. If someone were used to have more kilos for his whole lifetime he or she would describe his shape differently than someone who is slim and never has been what he or she might call „fat“.


The consequence is that over-size people have to bear more bad communication and bad behaviour when trying to find a partner via the Internet. It is easy to bash people on Facebook, to choose possible partners like shopping in an online-shop when you are sitting comfortably in your…

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Mama’s Boy!

The Catch and Release Chronicles

I have my online dating profile age limit set from 30 to 45 years old. So I am constantly contacted by men (and I use the term lightly) who are young enough to be my son. While some may consider me a cougar for dating a 30 year old, I am not ready to wear that badge (or print) so readily. Though if I did take the up the plethora of 18 to 24 year old’s who barrage me with requests “to be their hot cougar” or want to “show me a good time”  as only their pubescent inexperience can, I would most surely be the Queen of cougars or at least be on where such advances would be expected and sought after.

Why are these young men constantly messaging me (and several of my 30-something female compatriots)…in the hopes of getting one of us to fulfill their MILF…

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Marriage from online meetings is more stable and satisfying according to Science Nerds

Thomas Kelleher's Blog

If you met your current husband and/or wife online chances are good that your marriage will last longer than most according to a recent survey as reported by Don Hankins for The report states that since 2005, a third of marriages were the result of online meetings, with nearly half of those coming through online dating services. Fewer relationships that started online ended up in divorce, and people were generally more satisfied with the ones that survived.

The survey (sponsored by eHarmony), included more than 19,000 people who had married between 2005 and 2012. Although it was performed online, the demographics of those who responded suggest it is broadly representative of the US population. To their credit, the dating site agreed to let the researchers publish their survey analysis no matter what it showed, and the group hired an outside statistician to validate the work.

Hankins reports in…

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dbag #39: maybe we need to define “athletic” body type

101 dbags in tinfoil


ok i have, in a moment of temporary insanity and slight loneliness, have tried online dating. I am an equal opportunity dating site voyager and believe me when i say all sites are not created equal. anyway…. yes, i did end up going on a few dates…also… not all men on those sites are created equal. sure i met some decent guys, some i actually formed friendships with and still talk to from time to time… but the overwhelming majority of the guys i met on there were dbags. apparently some dbags use those sites as an “all you can eat booty call buffet” and have great conversational skills right along those lines…real mature. although in this case im talking about the guy who makes you think hes 6 foot, works out 5 days a week, clean cut with  light eyes and a smile that could melt icecream in a sub zero freezer…

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